Your memories
We love to explain stories! And yours can be one of them. YOU AND ONLY YOU
can choose how to keep your best memories.

Pack Visual Wood

1.500€ SP TAX not included
We will be with you from your first preparations and during the ceremony, your couple shooting (or first look) and the cocktail until one hour after your first dance (more or less). We will capture all that happens naturally, discreetly and in a narrative way. We will explain your story without losing any detail.
During the W day, we will do your couple session. We don’t like the traditional shooting but we like to create a natural and funny atmosphere. Its duration is approximately 20-30 minutes and it can be done before or after the ceremony.
We edit more or less 1400 to 1600 pics of your wedding.
Your memories anywhere. You will have private access to a digital platform where you will be able to see all your pics, download or share them with your friends, family or social networks. THIS WAY
We will also deliver you your pics in an USB (32gb).

We would like to deliver your memories in a special way. Visual Box is our wooden box. Inside you will find a beautiful selection of 30 pics printed in Fine Art (15x20) and the USB too. 

Complete your pack

Your Visual Wood Pack is ongoing. Below, we present you all the extras that you can choose to complete your pack.

Album Nature

300 € SP TAX not included.
We will design your ALBUM NATURE telling your story from the beginning to
the end with your revision and collaboration..
You will be able to see your album everywhere by means of a digital platform. THIS WAY.
The final album is printed with 160 pics of your story. The size is 27,5x40 and it has 50 canvas (100 pages)
We would like to deliver your memories in a special way. Visual Box is our wooden box. Inside you will find your album and the USB with all the pics of your wedding.

Give your memories

180 € SP TAX not included.
Copy of your album with the same size and characteristics.
Personalize your album with a dedication to your parents or other relatives
Give your memories with the copy of your album and a special dedication.
The best we can do is to meet, explore your ideas and, specially, enjoy with you!
For these reasons, we think that the best would be to spend
a funny while with you in a LOVE SESSION. 
Travel with us 
We love to discover, explore and to know countries and citys! Do you want to travel with us?
The travel costs depends on where we have to travel, conveyance and accommodation. Usually we need 2 nights, the night before and the night of the event. We will go to your destination one day before because we would like to meet with you, drink coffee to solve doubts and visit the place of your event.